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My name is Lillian, what's yours?

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first soccer game Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 10:45 pm
 had first soccer game yesterday
was against Clendon United, down at Manurewa South
it was a very hot day, clear sky, played in the middle of the day. Made the game seem twice as long.
We only had one sub, so I played the whole game.
I got put as one of 2 striker, man I haven't played in the exclusive striker position, since highschool. Half of time I wasn't sure exactly where I should stay at, to get a good position, but I was starting to get into it more by the 2nd half. 
The off-side thing is quite difficult to watch out for! If I was right on the edge of their last defense, if the defending player move up then I have to move up with them/her.
The other team scored a goal half way through first half, then we kept struggling and finally put one in half way through the 2nd half. We were so close to putting in another one near the end but then the whistle blew!
I thought it was a really good game, very challenging definitely. I think the two team are quite well-matched, although had different strength. 
Actually the game was a little "rougher" than I had expected - not that it was too rough, but just more than I expected, so I was trying to bring up my level of "contact" with the other team as I played. This is what happened with playing subfootball in the summer I think, in a mixed team, less contact cos the boys weren't get too close to you, in case of foul :P 
Oh another thing from subfootball, I hadn't consciously realise that I could go into the goal box in the soccer game, just sort had a healthy distance relationship to the goal box since you weren't allow in the goal box in subfootball. Also cos the field is now full size (double of subfootball), that's why my brain thought that there were less contact cos the field is bigger :P
anyway looking forward to keep improving... although I had a half blister on my foot now and a sore ankle, grrrr

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Managed funds Apr. 3rd, 2009 @ 11:08 pm
I bought some managed funds the other day. It's kinda interesting (in a boring way lol), like currency exchange, there is an entry price (buying price) and an exit price (selling price) and entry price is higher than the exit price. Which means that actually immediately after you bought the fund, the value of it drops. I reckon that's dumb... But anyway when I actually went and compared the entry prices, I found that one of my fund had increased in value (yay!) while the other one (riskier one) dropped slightly. Oh well. I suppose this is a mid- to long-term investment!

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ticks off the list Mar. 24th, 2009 @ 09:37 pm
in the Sims 2, they added a new long-term thing to achieve to make your characters happy - Aspirations.
Today I felt like my aspiration column is a little filled.

This weekend I'm going down to Hamilton to see the Balloons Over Waikato - NZ's premiere hot air ballooning event every year. I've always wanted to go, at least once, and even my mum had been before me! Her photos she brought were pretty cool too. So I'm quite excited :D This year is their 10 year birthday so they are featuring a giant bday cake balloon as well as a turtle and a ladybug one that are both here in NZ for the first time. The Saturday night NightGlow programme coincides with the Earth Hour, so in additional to the special shape balloons, they are having fireworks and Earth Hour entertainment with Pluto & special guests - don't know how they'll manage that tho!

and secondly:
I've joined my local womens soccer club!
So now I'm registered for the Ellerslie Football Club, we have training on Thursdays and games on Sundays. 
Went to my second practise tonight, a good crowd, last week's one was at a different night (one-off) so not as many people could have come. I haven't done a winter sport since I left highschool basically, so that'll be interesting when winter does come around. Although I've build up my cold tolerance better now with riding scooters in the cold these days!
Tho I don't like my ankles - they are weak and hurts when I don't kick the ball right :( might need to visit the physio?

so anyway on my drive home from practise, I just felt a lil happy cos these 2 are things I've wanted to do for a while : )

other stuff I wanna 'do': go to the dentist, get a mole map, go to bluff oyster festival (a bit more difficult & far...), go to White Island (live volcano!) and parts of NZ I haven't been - top half of South Island, Eastern & Western part of North Island & Steward Island.

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$o$ Mar. 7th, 2009 @ 11:56 pm
Got a call from Stationery Warehouse on Friday because I won $1000 from their latest sale promotion
I just played this Tetris game and enter my name and email. It gets pretty hard and fast as you play. I didn't think I had a really good score according to the scoreboard and I typically assume it is the top people of the game that win, but apparently everyone who enters can win, and I did!! And there was only one prize of $1000.

They are sending the cheque in the mail and could take up to 10 working days, so fingers *crossed*

People been asking me what I'm gonna buy or whatnot, I wasn't sure, cos there isn't anything I'm immediately looking forward to get, except maybe a new mobile phone cos my current one acts up occasionally, but it's not super urgent and I really like my phone at the moment (Nokia 6288)

So anyway I think I might go and get that molemap then. I do have some moles I am not happy about and been noticing increasing amount of moles popping up :S

Also I'm thinking of doing a winter sport so has been investigating in maybe badminton (there's 2 clubroom with open nights close to my house) or soccer - there's a club right in my suburb.
And I think I should go see physiotherapist cos my ankle still feels a bit funny in certain angles like when I sit with leg crossed and when standing flat-foot and rotate my body. yikes!

Last night was at the Shihad + The Mint Chicks gig last night as part of the AUT o-week. It was pretty good! And The Mint Chicks played stuff from their album instead of when I saw them last year at Town Hall when they only played new stuff (testing them out on the home crowd apparently). The crowd was probably less "violent" too for Shihad, sure I got elbowed a couple of times, but I also got apologies :P
I also bought me a yellow The Mint Chicks t-shirt, it has blue and red mommy & baby polar bear designs.
Oh also managed to get in the gig for free, otherwise it should have been $20, not sure what happened, I didn't ask... the friend I went with said someone said cos we were the first 100 in or something, and they didn't open the door at the advertised time of 7pm, and it was more like 8.15pm when they did, fortunately that was when we got there!
See my Shihad photo 
See my The Mint Chicks photo

There's a new gelato place on Queen St, next to the Civic, it's all purple and cheerful in a strange way and have tall chairs outside with cut out ice cream cone design on the chairback. I chose a cone with Pancake and Wasabi ice cream flavours! Wasabi wasn't spicy but definitely had the distinct wasabi flavour, the pancake was pretty nice, it had bits of pancake with it and tasted like pancake drizzled with maple syrup. While eating the icecream, the middle part where the two ice cream flavours intertwine made a very interesting flavour combo. Oh my friend paid for the ice cream because it was a 'break-up' ice cream :P

I think I was pretty happy on Friday - the money, the gig and managed to talk to lots of friend throughout the day, ok yeah I didn't get to do any work, but it was because I had errands to run and forgot swipecard to lab :P

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oopsy Mar. 5th, 2009 @ 05:49 pm
Need to get back on to the proverbial horse again
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Before my 24th bday Mar. 2nd, 2009 @ 10:35 pm
I'm going to

1) get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore (i've started putting some in a bag) via Recycle Boutique, or charities
2) get rid of stuff in my room I don't need/use anymore, incl. old notes, little bits of stuff I won't need anymore. Plan to give away via Freecycle, Starship (mobile phone appeal), etc...

I think that's all for now... my birthday is not exactly very faraway...



Bad dreams Feb. 24th, 2009 @ 02:20 pm
I've getting an array of bad dreams lately - not sure what that means?

last night was even worse:
first I had a dream, quite real, I had some people over at my house, then I got a phone call, of a male voice that I don't recognize questioning me of having boys over at my house, quite threatening, and implying that he's watching in a way, and then mum comes home, she left the car running on the driveway and came in to get some stuff and then some guy came and drove away the car and we chased after him...

then I had another one, that felt less real,
I was being stalked by a guy, on way home, so I kept walking and try to hide after turning a corner or something so he can't follow me, as I tried to work my way back to my scooter. Then later I was in this tunnel trying to escape the stalker, and I had to walk on the edge of the tunnel, cos in the middle there's sorta a lava like colour water, and 2 sharks was swimming around, and so I had to be careful not be too close to the water to get biten by the shark.

And then a third one, where I went to the toilet - public toilet, which is not very private ( I had this kind of dreams often - either the stalls have very bad design that the door is not very high or the door doesn't shut or lock properly, etc or it was a unisex toilet. Usually the public toilet are quite large, so means can get lots of ppl coming in).
anyway, in the one last nite, it was a squat toilet, and I don't them, and I like peed on my pants when I was going, and one of my friend was waiting for me too, it was very distressing.

last week, I had one where I dreamed that I went a public toilet as well... it was a big one when I went in to the stall, but when I came out it became a public toilet with only 2 stalls, so it shrunk, and it felt haunted, and I was experiencing weird feeling or atmosphere, and when I try to get out of the toilet, it was quite difficult, like I couldn't reach the knob or turn the knob. Eventually I got out, I went to my scooter, and it had gotten hit by a car, and one of the side mirror was completed detached/missing. All the while, I wanted to go to the Night market that was opening from 7pm - 10pm, but cos I was sorting out this whole scooter thing, trying to find out what happened with the people that live on the street/witnesses hanging around, it was going rapidly towards 10pm, so I felt quite distressed/rushed that I am gonna miss the night market.

other dreams incl. car got broken in, house got broken in, etc. I think I am just quite worrying about security lately?? Like there had been 2 times where Mickey escaped from our yard, but the gate was completely fine and working, so we think someone came in our yard possibly through the back fence, and let himself out, and mickey escaped out cos the gate wasn't closed properly.

Also lately I don't feel very well - Been needing to sleep heaps, more than 8 - 9 hours a night to function/not feel tired, keep getting mouth ulcers - when one heals another one pops up in different places, and also both ankles feels a bit funny still, in certain angles.

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hot Feb. 10th, 2009 @ 12:41 am
dude it's so hot here, its making me insane, in the membrane
the fan is going, but it's just blowing hot wind, even in the middle of the night, with windows open
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